His Royal Highness Sheikh Zafir bin Abrakan al-Dhayrif, or simply Sheikh Zafir, is the father of Princess Simahya and a sovereign prime minister. Simmy mentions that it is his job to overlook all oil distribution in the western coast. Simmy also mentions that he's never around. Sheikh Zafir lives in Al Hayrah, a town in an Arab country. He worries for his daughter, Simmy when he finds out about her strict diet inflicted on her by Nabila. Simmy mentions all her family is Muslim, implying that Sheikh Zafir is also Muslim. Desi first sees him in a family picture and describes him as "middle-aged with a round stomach and bulbous nose." She even said he seemed handsome. The sheikh, as well as his wife was unaware of Nabila's dieting plan for his youngest daughter, SImayha and he even offered her food to restore her energy.