Princess Ama Yakinomi, or simply Ama is a 14-year-old tribal princess who lives in the Western Amazon and is part of the Ticuna tribe. Her favorite color is moss green and her favorite food is fried sloth arms (she says three-toed are the best). She doesn't know what book is as she puts this on her profile:

                               Favorite Book: Book?

Her father is the chief of the tribe, Chief Yakinomi. Ama mentions she has three brothers and a caretaker named Kopenawa. Ama became a "woman" just a few months before Desi's substitution. Her tribe apprently isolates girls when they go through this phase and make them study the tribe's traditions and beliefs. Ama says she snuck out and threatens that if anyone tells, she'll go after them with a blow dart. Ama says before being isolated she had a disagreement with her father over whom she should marry. She fought saying she wanted to make the decision and he fought saying he was to select Ama's husband. Ama saw a bird, confessed her troubles and a Facade agency bubble appeared allowing her to have a vacation and a substitute princess. Ama is happy with Desi's substitution and now glad she is closer than ever with her father. The boy she likes even loved her ceremonial dance and talked to her father about it.